Top 5 Functional Medicine Myths

With more and more health and wellness trends popping up on the interwebs, it can be difficult to differentiate between what works and what’s trendy – or worse, what’s just a social media “challenge”. More and more people are confused about how or where to start their journey of improving their own health. And it’s no fault of their own, there’s just too damn much pseudoscience and misinformation out there. 

That’s why I wanted to slide some of the most common myths about working with a functional medicine doctor into your inbox.

Myth 1: Working With an Expert is Just for Diets and Weight Loss

Teaching people about their own health and wellness encompasses a wide range of behaviors. It’s true that diet and exercise are important parts of living a healthy lifestyle but those aren’t the only things that a FuncMed Doc focuses on.

The way I see it, my job is to assist individuals in various areas of life. These areas include, but are not limited to, nutrition, stress management, sleep optimization, management of chronic diseases, and making comprehensive lifestyle changes. Functional Medicine recognizes that emotional well-being, mental health, stress management, sleep patterns, and lifestyle habits play critical roles in overall health. As a FuncMed doc, my job is to adopt a wholistic approach, addressing every aspect of life to help clients achieve their goals.

Myth 2: Functional Medicine Docs Use the Same Approach for Everyone

The entire concept and methodology of functional medicine is so far removed from the “one size fits all” approach. If you’re working with the right functional medicine expert, the entire process should be highly individualized and tailored to meet each client’s unique needs and goals. We use a variety of techniques, tools, and resources to assist our clients and help them recognize that what works for one person may not (and probably won’t) work for another. A personalized approach maximizes the chances of success.

Myth 3: Functional Medicine Doctors Guarantee Quick Results

Functional medicine is definitely not a quick-fix solution. It focuses on sustainable behavior change and long-term improvements rather than rapid, short-lived results. Progress toward a goal is always a good thing but we want to be realistic and make sure we’re setting ourselves up for success. When it comes to a healthy life, we’re playing the long game. We want sustainable changes.

Progress varies from person to person. Patience is crucial when pursuing lasting health transformations and the pace we choose can either help or hurt your long-term goals. 

Myth 4: Functional Medicine is Only for Unhealthy People

It is not a myth that functional medicine can be beneficial for those suffering from chronic illness, disease, and unhealthy behaviors but you don’t have to have any of those issues to benefit from working with a functional medicine doctor. Functional Medicine is beneficial for all levels of health. Healthy people can still want to optimize their well-being and achieve new wellness goals.

Myth 5: Functional Medicine Doctors are Judgemental

A good coach, doctor, or teacher of any kind should prioritize empathy and non-judgmental support. A trusting and compassionate relationship is essential for success. When working with a professional regarding your health, it’s paramount to collaborate closely and create a safe and encouraging environment. This promotes personal growth and positive change. Anybody is less likely to achieve success if they do not feel supported.

Dispelling these common myths helps to create a clearer understanding of the role of functional medicine and the great benefits it can offer clients. It is always important to do your own research before choosing to work with any healthcare professional, including checking their qualifications.

Functional Medicine isn’t just another health and wellness trend on the internet. Using functional medicine is a tried and true way to help people live happier, healthier, more fulfilling lives. Despite being a relatively new approach to care, it continues to grow as an industry and make an impact on the world of healthcare.

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